We accurately place high grade cameras up to 400' into the sky and do whatever you would like us to do with them.
(within reason, law and the weather)

CAA qualified Pilots of both Multi-Rotor and Fixed wing aircraft
Commercial spec UAV's
Radio linked, competent, Assisting observers

Above all else,
The processing capability and capacity to deliver your final project, be that thermal imaging and 4K video, Mapping or 3D modelling.
The data and files we gather to process and generate the final images are massive.

"Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society."

Bill Gates


Slide show of lovely misty sunrise, accurate construction, and the hot horse.

Some projects may have to look simply breath-taking.

Another may require absolute pin point RTK accuracy for surveying purposes.

If we are looking for a lost horse at night the FLIR Thermal camera is essential.

(Whilst we do not operate a commercial rescue service we are active on Social Media groups who alert us to missing pets or livestock. We have assisted when we can with aerial illumination, live thermal imaging or a voice in the sky.)